Founded in 2013 by Jeff Forrest, STACKLAB is a Toronto-based design studio that focuses on conceptual projects spanning different scales and disciplines. The studio consists of two divisions: FURNITURE, which is a collection of furniture and art objects, and INSTALLATION + ARCHITECTURE, a design practice that prioritizes architecture, interior design, and installations.


STACKLAB emphasizes collaboration to enhance design outcomes and strives to incorporate a broad range of skills and perspectives. STACKLAB believes that design leaders can drive genuine global change by expanding their focus beyond mere form and function. The studio advocates for the selection of meaningful problems to solve, rather than simply following market trends. Inspired by the strategic approach of the tech sector, STACKLAB seeks to establish connections with existing infrastructures and leverage available resources, crafting products and environments that offer critical responses to their surroundings. The studio aims to create novel systems that strike a balance between technology, sustainability, and craft.

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