Scott Vandervoort

Scott Vandervoort is a New York-based artist whose creations broadly explore themes of impermanence, beauty, memory, and the ambiguous divide between art and the mundane. He works in both two and three dimensions, with paint, sculpture, and installation – often inspired by ancient and primitive communities’ communication and artifact-making.

Vandervoort’s art engages viewers in an often playful dialogue about the process by which objects, images, and spaces acquire meaning. They are built from a self-developed “alphabet” or “language” that sets the parameters for guiding his working process, avoiding drawing attention to artistry or deeper layers of perception. Our Modern Shapes Editions aspire to capture in wood form some of the artist’s penchant for simple complexity.


In 1998, VanderVoort earned a B.A. in Industrial Design from New York City’s Pratt Institute. He continues to live and work in the city.

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