Denis Castaing

Denis Castaing is a sculptor from the Burgundy region in France, devoting himself mainly to ceramics since 2013. His work typically makes reference to architecture in a general sense, be it buildings, clothes, an industrial object, the body of a moving dancer, or a landscape plan or musical pattern. It also explores a personal fascination with lines and folds, plus carved-out surface volumes that can be full, empty, or include fault lines.

Castaing has described his repertoire of forms as drawing on a memory of places, signs, fragments, and impressions. He underlines how his pieces seek to invest a feeling of movement and rhythm in immobile materials, whilst questioning the relationship that the work has with the interior space contained within. The editions produced by Modern Shapes faithfully capture these goals and the works’ solid plastic presence.


Denis Castaing was born in 1968. He lives and works in Saint-Mesmin in eastern France.

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