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Renowned Furnishings

Combining classic ideas and modern elements, our furnishings will help you create an environment that is uniquely your own. It’s about timeless design, contemporary elegance and furnishings that make your home become the place you’ve always dreamt it could be.

“We believe in the strength and quality behind each piece of furniture we carry and the designers who create them.”

South Hill Home


From extravagant, outrageous and one-of-a-kind luxury pieces, made from precious and unique materials to the simple clean contemporary feel combining a certain modesty with great timeless elegance.


Inspired by architecture, sculpture and jewellery, our lighting collections embody a unique passion for form, materials and a quality of workmanship that is highly accomplished.


We offer decorative objects and accessories designed by artists from all over America, Europe and Asia. A selection of sculptural, organic, raw forms in cast bronze and semi-precious materials. As well as a selection of rugs from world-renowned designers.

Our Showroom

Located in downtown Toronto, our gallery houses an unparalleled collection of furnishings from world-renowned artists. Known for our ever-changing displays, we are constantly curating a fresh and awe-inspiring take on the latest trends in design.

13,000 sq ft


2 floors


luxurious furniture


contemporary lighting


decorative accents

“Our knowledge and passion for interior design allow us to help you find the perfect pieces to suit your home and your lifestyle.”

South Hill Home

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