Charlotte Biltgen

Interior architect and designer, a graduate of the Camondo school, Charlotte Biltgen worked with Sylvain Dubuisson before joining India Mahdavi’s agency, where she became artistic director in 2009. She works on many architectural subjects, of design, scenography, while creating collections of furniture and objects. This rich and intense collaboration allows her to travel all over the world and participate in prestigious and varied projects. In 2014, she opened her own agency in Paris.

Resolutely inscribed in the tradition of the great French designers, Parisian chic rooted in its genetic heritage and a learned culture of materials, Charlotte Biltgen designs for a context: restaurant, hotel or residential space, she invents an atmosphere for each project, the over-measure as the only red thread of a creative vocabulary in perpetual renewal. Able to think decor and detail in the same movement, she designs furniture and objects as we mentally photograph an atmosphere that does not yet exist, with an absolute concern for the perfect finish. A Haute Couture spirit. From the outset, Charlotte has been defending the made-to-measure, the Haute Couture spirit, the unique and exclusive piece, the made to order, the enhancement of the French craft excellence. Drawing her inspiration from the 1930s and 1950s furniture aesthetic, this perfectionist pays special attention to the various stages of the creation process, thus investing the same passion in each step and every step.

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