Andrée Putman

“It is not about bathing in the living room and cooking in the bedroom but rather about opening spaces to various activities. Why should places be reduced to one function instead of favoring the sensations they offer to us?”

In her work, not only did Andrée Putman reconcile “rich” and “poor” materials and find a new way to use light and cleared spaces to rediscover their origin; she also tackled the ways of living.


From the 1980s, she led more and more interior architecture projects: hotels such as Le Lac in Japan, Im Wasserturm in Germany and the Sheraton Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris; stores for Azzedine Alaia, Balenciaga, Bally and Lagerfeld; offices, particularly the one for French Minister of Culture Jack Lang in 1984; and museums like the CAPC, Bordeaux’s contemporary art museum.


The private residences she designed enabled her to break the rules: why dine in the dining room, cook in the kitchen and sleep in the bedroom when one can overcome obstacles and change one’s ways?

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