Gubi is a Danish design company founded by Lisbeth and Gubi Olsen in 1967. Dedicated to celebrating the luxury of living life. Their passion is to discover overlooked icons from the past and future icons in the making, designs that stimulate the senses, are beautiful yet usable. They’ve made a distinctive name for themselves in the international design arena as a dynamic design force to be reckoned with.


Gubi is treasure hunter company, where curiosity, courage, and intuition are key components of their success. The result is an eclectic, intercontinental collection that blurs the lines between the past and the future. An extensive assortment of extremely aesthetic, thought-provoking designs characterized by simple, arresting shapes, original materials and innovative techniques which defy time and space. Imbued with a beauty that resonates with design aficionados, architects and designers all around the world.

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