Jean-Michel Frank

We can luxuriously convert a room by taking off its furniture.

He cooperates with renowned artists such as Giacometti or Bérard, which both influence its style by offering a prestigious and international clientele.


Born in 1895 in Paris, Jean-Michel Frank gets quickly passionate about the intellectual and artistic world. He frequent few influential persons such as Louis Aragon for whom it becomes its personal decorator. Its refined and minimalist style draws other influential persons’ attention which is open to modernity and rapidly they will entrust him fitting out their interiors.

He creates with the help of cabinetmaker Adolphe Chanaux, a range of furniture and lights with original materials such as gypsum, earthenware, mica, graphite, shagreen, straw and also parchment. Its reputation explodes when he realizes a smokehouse for the “Noailles”. Therefore, he makes himself known as a professional decorator.

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