Glenn Sestig

Glenn Sestig Architect is synonymous with contemporary chic.

Glenn Sestig graduated from the Henri Van De Velde institute in Antwerp and in 1999 established a practice together with painter Bvardk. From the outset, their work focused on extreme precision, on a construction with such mastery of the architectural line, proportions and perspective that it is easy to forget the careful consideration that will have gone into their design and creation. In addition to the material and its interpretation, transparency and the play of reflection suggest, rather than illustrate, the endeavors that have resulted in the real grandeur of some projects, primarily places for public use. Glenn Sestig Architects’ work can be seen as unrelentingly urban and contemporary – materials are exclusive and its combinations are renewing and unique. Each completed work is considered as a minor work of art wherein art and fashion are essential sources of inspiration. The architecture is no longer a movement in time but becomes a declaration of a global luxurious lifestyle.

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