Jean-Louis Deniot

“In my works, I use mostly handmade materials and finishes. Every surface and finish I use comes from great and unique artisans. Each Atelier provides unbelievable high-level craftsmanship, they have the knowledge, the experience and together you create the magic.”

He’s one of the world’s preeminent talents in interior design and architecture. His style is spontaneous and magical, he’s easily recognized by his eclectic interiors.


Jean-Louis Deniot has had a passion for interiors since he was a small child. His first experiences with design came very early on. He started drawing and painting at the age of three and progressed to making models of miniature architecture structures and interior decors by the age of ten. Since establishing his Paris-based architecture and interior design firm at age 26, nearly two decades ago, the French native has risen to global design-star status.

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