Blue Green Works

Blue Green Works is a Manhattan based design studio founded in 2020. Blue Green combines carefully hand-formed materials with precision metalwork, using clear construction methods. The studio is focused on making design objects with a purity that allows the pieces to both stand alone and to converse with the spaces in which they live. The visual language is informed by film, architecture, street culture and New York City. Blue Green strives to make great work that makes sense in the world.


The inaugural collection, comprising the Palm Series and Fiber Series, was conceptualized around ideas of retreat and sanctuary: textures and materials that evoke places of escape and leisure. The collection was completely designed and engineered during the Covid pandemic.


Peter B Staples helms Blue Green as Creative Director, with partners James McAvey and Dan Persechini. Longtime friends and collaborators, the studio’s leads bring years of industry experience and a deep understanding of design history to the process.

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